Expressions about myself

Look at yourself in a mirror and answer these questions to help you with your description.

1- What is your most prominent (noticeable) feature?
2. Which feature do you like best and why?
3. What is your least favourite feature?
4. Can you think of something that might make you feel more positive about your least favourite feature? (For example, one boy thought his eyebrows were tooclose together, until he decided they make him look like a clever inventor!)
5. Imagine someone who has never met you is meeting you off a train. Write a short description of yourself to explain how they can recognise you.
6. Pull a grumpy face. How has it changed your looks?
7. Give a big smile. How do you look different now?
8. What are you good at? What could you call yourself and why?

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2ºESO A Glogsters 2012-2013