Name: Juan Álvarez Moreno

There was a man on the floor. "OK", said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up." The murderer took out an illegal Taser (electric gun), stolen from the prison guards and electrocuted Martin, but Vanessa had a saw in her car and tried to cut his arms. When she was going to cut them, the murderer electrocuted Vanessa too. The tall man was hidden behind a column of the landing, the murderer was going to enter to the house when suddenly the tall man tripped him and fell down. He tied his hands with handcuffs and went immediately to Martin who was almost dead. The tall man tried to revive him but it was late.... He also revived Vanessa who was also almost dead but she opened her eyes... They drove fast to take Martin to emergency. When they arrived, the nurses took him to a recovery room. The nurses had to be in complete silence and they had to wait to the next day. The tall man wanted to kiss Vanessa but Vanessa turned her face away. The next day Vanessa kissed him and was a signal of love. About the murderer, he was in the most dangerous prison in the world and about Martin, we don´t know anything of him...

Name: Beatriz Cuevas Pallol

Ending: ...There was a man on the floor. ''OK'', said Martin, ''come out, with your hands up.''
And then they saw the murderer's face ful of wounds and grazes... His hair was as tangled as if he hasn't brushed it in thirty days, he had a gun in his hands..., but one moment, it was... it was a toy gun! And he... he was wearing a mask...he wasn't the murderer...
The false murderer took his mask off and they could saw his true identity... He was Mike a friend that wanted to play a joke on them.- Ja ja ja, you believed that, it was a joke!- said Mike.-It is not funny, I was frightened- said Vanesa- And the dog, what about the dog?, I have killed it!-It was a toy dog,- said Mike- haven't you noticed it?They enjoyed their Halloween night, and the tall man stayed with them in that Halloween night.

Name:Ana Buscarini Camino

Ending:... There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "come up with your hands up". The murderer look at them, and he smiled. Then, he got out of the car very slowly and, suddenly, he started running really fast. Martin tried to catch him, but he ran very slowly. The tall men took his car and he drove really fast. Vanessa and Martin waited in the farm for the tall man to arrive, and the hours passed. Vanessa was very nervous and she entered Martin´s house to watch the night news.An old woman stopped talking about white cats, and then a young, beautiful woman started to talk about the famous killer.
" I found him on the road that goes to the main farms that produce the main food for our diet ."- the woman said - " An old farmer has found the body of a young man one hour ago. Police don´t know who he is, but we already know who is his killer. It is the famous murderer who has already killed over 20 people in all the state. Here we have his photo"
Vanessa saw the picture, and she shouted. The murderer was the tall man of the black car.

She heard someone shouting (probably Martin) , and the bell rang.Through the window she saw a large shadow.

Name: Silvia Domínguez Rodríguez
Ending: ...There was a man on the floor.''OK'', said Martin, ''come out, with your hands up.''Then Martin aimed at him, and obliged him to go out of the back part. Also, Martin said to Vanessa to go to the granary to take a rope. They tied his hands and legs without aiming at him any moment and they called the police. The police arrived 10 minutes after the call. This 10 minutes where the longest minutes of their lives. When the police arrived, They recognized the man, They put him the handcuffs and took him to prison again.
Vanessa, Martin and the tall man went to a restaurant to have dinner and they drank Vanessa's bottle of wine.



Name:Lucía Sánchez Soto
There was a man on the floor. "OK", said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up."But the man did not move, Martin struck him on the back with his hand, he didn't move, they thought he was dead, Martin was turning around to tell Vanessa to call the police when suddenly the man stood up and ran away, Martin went after him and caught him from behind, while Vanessa called the police. They arrived to Martin's farm very quickly but when they saw the man that Martin had caught, they said that he was not the murderer of the newspaper. Martin and Vanessa looked at each other thinking:If he is not the murderer of the newspaper, who is him and why is he following me?...
Name: Belén García Lacalle

- Why are you crying? -said Martin-Because you have a gun - he saidI have a gun because yor are a murderer, aren't you? -Martin asked
What?! I didn´t do anything -he said
And why are you inside the car?-asked MartinBecause I thought that this girl would take me to the supermarket - the strange man answeredWhat? - said Vanessa.I will explain. I was on the road and I was waiting for someone to help me to go to the supermarket and you stopped and I got into your car.- he said
aaaaah!!! -said Vanessa-you enter in my car when I was moving the dog outside the car-said Vanessa-
Yes!-he said-it was only that
And why did you say that he was the murderer? -Martin asked his friend
-I don´t know -he said -my life is so boring and I want action.

Name: Marina Pastor Morales
‍‍But then the murderer kicked the shotgun that fell on the floor. When Martin was trying to pick up the shotgun the murderer hit him on the head and Martin fainted. Vanessa ran into the house, she was very frightened because she knew that her friend was outside, alone without any help. But the murderer didn't kill her friend, he entered in the house and started to look for Vanessa. She was inside Martin's bedroom, in the wardrobe, covered with a lot of clothes. She started to hear steps. First the steps were like whispers but they started to become louder. Vanessa was thinking: I have to do something, the murderer is in the stairs, now he is in the living room, he is in the bathroom, he is in the computer room, HE IS IN MARTIN'S ROOM!She was out of breath, she knew that if she made as little noise as possible she would die. The murderer opened the wardrobe, he didn't see Vanessa but when he was going to go a hanger fell down. Then in the silent night a shout was heard. The next day the police only found a puddle if blood.

‍‍‍Name: Olga Aldecoa Jiménez.

There was a man on the floor. "OK", said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up." The murderer took a gun and threatened Vanessa, the tall man and Martin.- Go inside the house - shouted the murder.They went inside Martin’s house and the murderer entered with them.Once inside the house...- Don't call the police, if you call them, someone will get hurt.The murderer started to steal the valuables objects. Martin was desperate and ran to the phone to call the police but the murderer saw him.-Martin! Stop!!- said Vanessa.
But the murderer shot the gun. Martin's neighbour heard the shot and called the police. Finally the police arrived and arrested the murderer.

Martin could not survive the shot and died.

Name: Javier Sierra

There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up." The murderer did not move... He was unconscious! Well, they thought he was unconscious, because suddenly he stood up and said "Hands up, don't say anything and don't call the police if you don't want to be killed" shouted with a malicious smile. Martin and Vanessa went into the house with the murderer, but he had forgotten the other man, the man of the black car. When he didn't see him, he hit the murderer in the back. They fought for a while, but finally the murderer shot the gun and the bullet harmed the man's shoulder. But meanwhile Vanessa had called the police and the murderer went into jail again. The man was taken into the hospital and finally Vanessa could enjoy the party.

Name: Pablo Jimenez Martinez

There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up."

The man got out of the car with his hands up and Martin thought she was sorry for what he had done and he would with them.
He thought so, but when Martin put down his gun and turned back, the murderer took the bottle of wine Stella had bought previously and tried to hit on Martin`s head, but Martin, very fast, dodged the impact and they began to struggle. Stella, frightened, took the gun from the floor and tried to shoot the murderer, but her hands continued trembling because of the shock and she was afraid to shoot her boyfriend. She was so nervous that she shot without looking.
The two men were watching who had received the bullet when they saw a large red stain on the shirt of the murderer. Seeing it, the murderer suffered a heart attack and fell on the floor. Beside him, the bottle of wine fell with a bullet hole. The bullet hit the wine which spilt in the murderer`s clothes making it appear that the stain was blood.
Stella and Martin called an ambulance and enjoyed a nice dinner.
Name: Paula Galera Soto
Ending: The murderer came out from the car. "Put your hands up" the murderer said. Martin and Vanessa went to the living room, and tried to call the police, but the murderer saw them and he told "Don't call the police or you will die". Vanessa threw the telephone to the floor nervously. Martin went upstairs. The murderer didn't realize he went upstairs and he continue threatening Vanessa. Martin telephoned the police and told what was happening. Martin went to the living room after calling the police and saw Vanessa with a gun in front of her. " Shut up" said the murderer to Martin.
Few minutes later the police arrived and arrested the murderer, and finally, Martin, Vanessa and the tall man that advised Vanessa that someone was inside her car had dinner, worried about what had happened but proud and happy about what they did.
Name: Paula García Bahón

There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up. When Martin got the killer out of the car , and said that he was going to go to the police, the killer took out a knife and started to threaten everyone. He said that if they didn´t let him go, he was going to kill Vanessa. He grabbed Vanessa and put the knife in her neck, so the two men didn´t move and they said that he could go away without problems. Vanessa started to cry and the killer to laugh, then he let Vanessa go and he went into Vanessa´s car and went away. But everyone knew that the killer was very dangerous but stupid too, because Martin, the tall man and Vanessa could call the police and said the license plate and the type of car, because it was Vanessa´s car so she knew everything about it. That is what they did, they called the police and said all the information. Later and at the end, the police arrested the killer and returned Vanessa's car and all people went homes happily except the killer, of course.

Name:Ainhoa Reyes Orozco
When the man was in the floor, Martin said ´´ OK now you will go with me to prision ! ´´ The killer tried to run away, but Vanesa was in the middle of his road and the mas push Vannesa, but when he wanted to start to run away again there was a lot of policeman. Because when Martin was saying he that he is going to go to prision, Vanessa was calling the police and the police took few time co carry to take the killing.
The police take the killing with the handcuffs to give he to the police how was in prision, and the killing never, never, never went out again for prision, only when he died to the funeral.
The police give the thanks to Vannesa, because she have acted like a real heroine. THE END!

Rosa Díaz de la Torre:
There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "come up with your hands up.
The man went out of the car, he started running. Martin followed him, until they arrived to a river, the famous killer didn´t have any choice so he gave up and Martin took him.
Minutes later the tall man arrived with his car and took him to the police station. When they where arriving, the killer escaped again.
When he arrived to the market, a lot of police cars where ready for stop him and put him in jail, and they did so. Now the killer won´t kill anyone else.
The citizens were saved by Vanessa, Martin and the tall man. Everyone congratulate them, and they were remembered as heroes.

Name:Sergio López Lorente
There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "came up with your hands up" and "came out slowly" tell again.
The man came out of the car, but with a quickly movement he sticked a knife on the side of Martin, he started to bleed. The murderer ran into the house. Vannesa got a first-aid kit from his car and made torniquet to Martin. The other man said "we have to call the police" but Vannesa replied " we don´t have time if we wait for the police the murderer will escape and he could kill more people". Then they came into the house... they entered in the kitchen... they heard a noise in he garden, they ran and Martin saw him, he shooted "aaaaah" screamed the murderer, he was wound in the leg. The man said "I´m going to call the police now!" The murderer went and came into a near forest, they followed them...
The forest was completely dark, they followed him into a cave, started to entered, slowly, slowly and in silence, the murderer waited in a little hole near the ceiling of the cave and when the three oh them where under him for hurl oneshelf and after a fighted, the murderer obtained the shootgun and ordered that put oneself in the wall he was going to shoot them but suddenly some men said "throw that shootgun now" they were the police, they were saved!

Name: Alba García Lucas

The man on the floor took a big knife:
-“Come away from there”!- he said.
Martin was stunned and confused:
-Okay,Okay- said Martin while he was moving back- “But, what do you want?”
-“I want that everybody Could understan me, no one understand me. Everybody think that I’m crazy because I have a knife and because I get in cars of people I don’t know- Sais the murderer with a mud voice.

Without saying nothing, Martin saw how a police was coming behind the murderer carefully. Martin decided to wait until the police arrest him.
The police hugged into the murderer but he sticked the big knife to the police.
Inmediantly, Martin pushed his head and the murderer felt into the floor. They bound him and they called the police.
The next week, the dead police was buried and the murderer got away again from prision.