....There was a man on the floor. "OK", said Martin, "Come out, with your hands up." The murderer took out an illegal Taser (electric gun), stolen from the prison guards and electrocuted Martin, but Vanessa had a saw in her car and tried to cut his arms. When she was going to cut them, the murderer electrocuted Vanessa too. The tall man was hidden behind a column of the landing, the murderer was going to enter to the house when suddenly the tall man tripped him and fell down. He tied his hands with handcuffs and went immediately to Martin who was almost dead. The tall man tried to revive him but it was late.... He also revived Vanessa who was also almost dead but she opened her eyes... They drove fast to take Martin to emergency. When they arrived, the nurses took him to a recovery room. The nurses had to be in complete silence and they had to wait to the next day. The tall man wanted to kiss Vanessa but Vanessa turned her face
away. The next day Vanessa kissed him and was a signal of love. About the murderer, he was in the most dangerous prison in the world and about Martin, we
don´t know anything of him...

Name: Juan Álvarez Moreno


Name: Beatriz Cuevas Pallol

Ending: ...There was a man on the floor. ''OK'', said Martin, ''come out, with your hands up.'' Then they saw the murderer's face ful of wounds and grazes... His hair was as tangled as if he hasn't brushed it in thirty days, he had a gun in his hands..., but one moment, it was... it was a toy gun! And he... he was wearing a mask...he wasn't the murderer...
The false murderer took his mask off and they could saw his true identity... He was Mike a friend that wanted to play a joke on them.
- Ja ja ja, you believed that, it was a joke!- said Mike.
-It is not funny, I was frightened- said Vanesa- And the dog, what about the dog, I have killed it!
-It was a toy dog,- said Mike- haven't you noticed it.
They enjoyed their Halloween night, and the tall man stayed with them in that Halloween night.

Name:Ana Buscarini Camino

Ending:... There was a man on the floor. "OK" said Martin, "come up with your hands up". The murdered look at them, and he smiled. Then, he goes out ot the car very slowly and, sddenly, he started running really fast. Martin tried to catch him, but he ran very slow. The tall men took his car and he drove really fast. Vanessa and Martin waited in the farm to the tall men´s arrive, and the hours passed. Vanessa was very nervus and she entered to Martin´s house to saw the night news.
A old woman stopped talking about white cats, and then a young, beautiful woman started to talk about the famous killer.
- " I´m found in the road that go to the main farms that produce the main aliments for our diet ."- the woman said - " An old farmer has founded one hour ago the body of a young men. Police don´t know who he is, but we already know who is his killer. Is the famous murdered who has already killed over 20 people in all the state. Here we have his photo"
Vanessa saw the picture, and shout, the murdered was the tall man of the black car.
She heard someone shouting (probably Martin) , and the bell rings.